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Solo Single Ingredient Treats 5 oz.

Solo Single Ingredient Treats 5 oz.

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Natural - Simple - Functional

Solo treats are made from a single ingredient source without the use of binding agents, color dyes, preservatives, synthetics or hidden products. The natural jerky making process enables us to make a TRULY single ingredient treat.

Owners and dog trainers want to use high value food rewards while maintaining a highly functional food treat. Solo Treats delivers on this need and more with our Rogue Pet Science approach

General Information:

  • Made with 100% single muscle protein ingredients from all-natural US raised animals inspected by the USDA

  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, dyes, fillers or preservatives

  • Safe, satisfying and versatile treat for rewards or for training

  • Inspected and tested batches to ensure safety and consistency for your pets

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