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Reusable Sealing Clip

Reusable Sealing Clip

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We try and be socially intentional with our decisions so you can be socially responsible with your purchase.
We don’t talk about some of the choices we make enough. We have used bags for our product from the beginning. Hopefully the picture helps illustrate why. Even with the reoccurring frustrations we hear about of failed zippers, we just cannot make the switch to tubs.
It’s not about the cost of the tub itself, it’s about the enormous increase in inefficiency and the cumulative costs. Look at what just storing empty tubs looks like. Those had to be shipped on a boat, then a truck, and then they are stored.
Each tub contains enough plastic to make several bags.
Then when it’s time to ship that tub, the shape and form severely limits how many can go in a box, further adding to the cost. Even storing the finished product would add enormous storage costs. All to end up in a landfill, or, at best, recycled. Those costs add up and you are not paying for the highest quality ingredients and products but for the cost of the inefficiencies of using tubs.
Now we can simply consider the cost impact to the customer and the annoyance of a failed zipper here and there, or we can be conscious of the real cost of a tub. Finding reusable storage solutions is our answer.
We now have reusable clips to seal the bag if the zipper doesn't work for you.

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