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Ground Green Beef Tripe W/ Trachea and Gullet-2 LB.

Ground Green Beef Tripe W/ Trachea and Gullet-2 LB.

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Our "Tripe with T & G" contains 80% green beef tripe and 20% beef trachea and gullet in a 2 LB. deli container. It is coarse ground from Michigan-raised, grass-fed USDA-approved dairy cattle. It is all natural with no preservatives or additives. Unlike other brands, our tripe contains no denaturing agents. Steroid-free. Hormone-free.As with all of our tripe products, we use only the best parts of the stomach, that is, the ruminants' first two stomach chambers: the rumin and the reticulum. The green beef tripe has been lightly washed, coarsely ground then frozen in its natural state. Tripe is unmatched in its cal/phos ratios and is very good for puppies as well as adults. Benefits range from a high acid content for the cleaning of the teeth to providing extra fat for coat and quick energy. Tripe is also very rich in digestive enzymes and chlorophyll. The protein analysis of tripe is 17%. We add 20% freshly ground raw beef trachea & gullet in with the beef tripe. This is an excellent product for all dogs, young or old and especially breeds known for hip/joint problems. Beef trachea & gullet are a natural source for chondroitin sulfate. Tracheal cartilage has also shown success in helping to isolate cancers, tumors and other diseases by preventing their growth and spread. NOTE: Every attempt has been made to remove the thyroid from our cows during slaughter. Because of the thyroid's proximity to the gullet it is possible that it has been punctured and the residual tissue around the thyroid (the gullet) may contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone. Beef thyroid hormone fed in excess could cause thyroid issues in your pet. Please do not overfeed gullet. Remember, for raw feeding purposes, tripe is considered a meat. Trachea and gullet are also considered meats.

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