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Ground Beef Tripe Supermix-2 LB.

Ground Beef Tripe Supermix-2 LB.

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Tripe Supermix is coarse ground and packaged in a 2 LB. deli container. It contains 50% green beef tripe, 40% beef muscle meat/bone/organ, 10% beef trachea and gullet.

  • The tripe, trachea and gullet are from Michigan raised, grass fed USDA approved dairy cattle.

    1. The meat, bones and organs are from healthy young beef.

    2. As with all of our tripe products, we use only the best parts of the stomach, that is, the ruminants' first two stomach chambers: the rumin & the reticulum.

    3. All natural, no preservatives, additives or denaturing agents. Steroid free. Hormone free.

    4. It's a little lighter in bone content than some of our other meat, bone & organ products.

    5. It's our signature product!

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