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Ground Asian Carp Fish - 2LB.

Ground Asian Carp Fish - 2LB.

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This Ground Asian Carp is packaged in a 2 LB. sleeve, currently unlabeled. We will eventually have it in our normal deli containers. It has been wild caught & coarse ground. These are not scraps or throwaways! This lovely, meaty specimen is also known by the name Silver Carp.  It is not to be confused with common river carp ("bottom feeders") that are native to the Americas.  Introduced by accident, they have multiplied and become a threat to our river ecosystems.  By harvesting and processing these for pets, we can help control the spread and provide a lovely prey for your furry predators.

They have the "whole package"--head, body & tail ground together. This product contains no organs. What a lovely near-whole prey offering!

We do not sell any products that contain denaturants, added colors, preservatives, artificial ingredients & no HPP. There are no grains, fruits or vegetables added to any of our products. It's part of our commitment to quality. We believe in feeding a nutrient-rich meat, bone & organ diet–a carnivore diet as Mother Nature intended!  

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